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What do our students and parents love about ACPA?

I am incredibly proud to be part of 'the ACPA family' and will be forever thankful that my daughter is flourishing under Fiona's care and guidance. In an age where we hear so many negative things about our youth it's incredibly humbling to see how Fiona has created this hub of creativity that her students just love being part of. -Parent

I love that the girls are learning proper skills in a professional yet friendly environment. The opportunities to develop are amazing. -Parent

Best thing I ever did for Georgia 9 years ago was taking her to ACPA, she would live at the studio if she could. -Parent

  I love the sense of family ACPA has, all the dancers look out for each other, my girls love coming and if the older girls are anything to go by, ACPA will help them grow up to be mature and responsible young girls. -Parent

I love all of the memories I have at ACPA and with the ACPA family. The studio made me who I am today, I've learned things from every teacher I'll never forget. My future may not be in dance but I'll certainly never forget the lessons I've learned in dance class. -Student

Fiona along with her wonderful family and other teachers have created something very special and I can't praise each and every one of them enough. The ACPA family is simply the best. -Parent

Angus Centre for Performing Arts has been making an outstanding contribution across Angus & particularly to Carnoustie for over 20 years! I know, because it's been a part of my life for 21 years! -Former Student & Teacher

Can't begin to explain how well Fiona knows and understands my girls, as she does all the dance students. Liv has travelled the length and breadth of the UK for BBO training and dance competitions... without us, but always has Fiona at her side. Thank you Fiona, for every 'effort' you put towards my children over the last 8 years . A very big part of their confidence and nature is down to you and I will be forever thankful. -Parent

 I know that I can go whenever I feel down and my mood will be changed. The skills that I have learned at ACPA will stay with me for the rest of my life. -Student

 It's a fun environment. My daughter has just started with the new term, she comes home full of beans giving me a show with everything she has learnt!! I'm happy she's happy!! -Parent

What I love most about ACPA is to have seen the children who have grown to love so many forms of dance over so many years because of the fantastic teaching and the welcoming inclusive environment. So thankful for the years of enjoyment my daughter had and now my grandchildren. -Parent

ACPA is a second home to me and I will always be thankful to Fiona for unlocking my potential, my love for performing and most importantly my confidence to go out and pursue my dream. -Former Student

For many years my life revolved around the dance studio. The skills I developed whilst a student of Fiona's have impacted my life still to this day, and for that I am truly grateful. The discipline, drive and determination I have to work to the best of my ability in past, present and future endeavours all stem from the belief and encouragement I was given as a young, and under-confident student at Fiona's dance studio. I know if it wasn't for my experience at the dance studio I wouldn't be where I am today! -Former Student

 When I first moved to Scotland everything was new and different, and I didn't really know anyone, but I felt so welcomed at ACPA. Even though I was only there a year I really do think of it as home. -Former Student

Fiona helped and encouraged Louise with her dance despite all her medical problems. She gave her so much confidence and gave her the belief that she could do whatever she wanted to do. -Parent

 I think Fiona is the best dance teacher in the world, simply because she believes in you more than you might believe in yourself.-Student

 ACPA has given local children such an opportunity to experience dance, inspire them and to build relationships. -Parent

Fiona believed in me more than I believed in myself. She was so much more than a dance teacher, she was a second mum to a lot of us. Thank you Fiona, for dedicating your life to giving us amazing dance experiences and memories that'll last forever. -Former Student

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