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Lesley Ritchie

Baby Boogie, Mini Movers

Lesley realised just how much she liked working with children when her own son was born. After hiring a magician for his 3rd birthday, she was hooked and started her own children's entertaining company. She then went on to become playgroup leader at the local playgroup and started up a mother and toddler group. Lesley has also been an assistant beaver leader for the last 15 years which she enjoys very much. Lesley says the icing on the cake was when she started working at ACPA. It is a privelege coming to work everyday and watching all the little ones' progression and their confidence bloom as time goes on. She loves working alongside super teachers and always learning a lot. Lesley would like to thank Fiona for making ACPA a fabulous place to be and looks forward to the exciting years to come.

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