ACPA is very proud to be in partnership with locally based charity Level8 and international charity Mindleaps

The main focus of this partnership is to help provide funding and resources to aid the creation of dance and educational programs for out-of-school youth and street children in Rwanda and other post-conflict and developing countries. Level8 and Mindleaps both believe in the prevention of poverty and the promotion of education. 

Mindleaps run a permanent Dance and IT Program for street children in Kigali, Rwanda. The program uses a kinesthetic-based curriculum to improve the cognitive skills of these children, which in turn will ensure them the ability to go to school, enter the workplace and continue progressing, breaking the poverty cycle.

In 2014 Fiona made the link with Level8 through local teacher and hero, the late Mr Jim Bell. After being a supporter of Level8 and hearing about the recent join up with Mindleaps, she was keen to get involved. Fiona was excited to have found a charity who also believed in the positive effects and uses of dance. 

In 2015 Rebecca Davis, founder and executive director of Mindleaps, came to visit Jim Bell and Level8 in Carnoustie. Together they promoted the cause by educating the young people at Carnoustie High School and Angus Centre for Performing Arts. Rebecca gave a presentation at ACPA for staff, students, parents and friends to show how the program worked. She also taught several dance classes in ballet and jazz to students of all ages during her visit. 

The work of Jim Bell and Rebecca Davis inspired Fiona and many ACPA students to get more involved with the project. In 2016 Fiona and several past and present ACPA students joined up with a Level8 trip to Rwanda. They spent 10 days visiting the various programs and schools, learning about the country's past and the colourful, loving culture.

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